April 2011

Bed Bugs & Rain

Bugs I Keep Finding In My Room
Damn. I haven't had a Tuesday like this in a while. I was out late last night hanging out with some buddies of mine so I woke up at around 2PM. Not a biggie thought, since I don't have work today and I'm off of school due to spring break. Anyways, I decided that today would be the day that I redecorate my room. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but have been so busy so it never got done. I started with moving my dressers around and throwing out my old computer desk. It was ridiculously big and my took up way too much space in my room. I bought a smaller desk that is a lot smaller, but still fits everything I need it too. It's satisfying knowing my room isn't that small, now that there's much more room.
I have bed bugs. It sucks. I never really realized that the bug bites on my legs were from my bed when I was sleeping. It's kind of creepy knowing there are microscopic bugs living inside the place you fall asleep for hours at a time. But I threw it out, and already have a comfier, smaller bed to sleep on tonight. And most importantly, no bed bugs!
The stupid rain. I have the new mattress in my basement waiting for me to bring it up, but to get to my house from the basement you need to go outside. Well, it's pouring outside and I don't feel like getting my new mattress soaked. This really blows because I don't want to sleep on the floor tonight because I already threw out my old mattress. Even though it has bed bugs, I wish I waited to bring my new mattress up before I threw it out, just so I don't have back pains from sleeping on the floor tonight. This rain better chill out before I toss my bananas!

NYC & All It Has To Offer

First I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who is following me and showing much love and support. I've hit one hundred followers in a very short amount of time. When I first made this blog I didn't realize anybody would be reading it. I thought that no one would read it, honestly. It really means a lot to me knowing people can relate to my thought process and experiences. Like I've said before, I'll keep posting everyday to keep myself, and most importantly, all of you, entertained! :)

Transportation Service in NYC
Have you ever been to New York City on a Sunday? No? Well I highly suggest it. Not only is the crowd of people a tad bit dimmed down, but it's the perfect weather to head out the the city that never sleeps. Listen, I've been living in New Jersey for all my life, and being so close to the city is the only perk I can think of to living in this condensed state. I live five minutes from the George Washington Bridge and I can't be anymore thankful of that fact. I could even walk to the city if I really wanted to. Oh and trust me, I have!

Well, on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I took the honor of going to New York City with three of my closest friends. We go there a lot so we already knew basically what we were going to do. But that's the fun part about it. The city is so unpredictable that it intrigues you. Go there and find out yourself. So many spontaneous events will just appear in front of you, sometimes you won't even notice until your friend nudges your shoulder and directs you to look ahead.

I also ate at ShakeShack and if you don't know what that is, you're seriously missing out. Best burgers. Best fries. The only thing that sucks about the one near the terminal station is that you really have to be really lucky to find a seat without waiting more than fifteen minutes. The wait is worth it, though. I'm grateful for my friend because I didn't have enough cash on me and he spotted my food. It was the best dinner ever. Two ShackStacks and two orders of fries. Yum!

I've Always Liked Saturdays

It's a Saturday. And I'm sitting home eating a huge teriyaki steak, watching some TV, and reading some blogs. Saturday is probably the most relaxing day for me. No work. Family is usually out and about doing errands. And me? Well I'm just doing whatever I please, usually by myself. And no it's not because I'm a loner or like riding life in the solo lane. It's because Saturday is the only day I have to myself. To just sit down, relax, grab some coffee, and think about my week, is just amazing.

Oh, by the way, I'm addicted to coffee. I love the feeling of being tired but not being able to sleep due to all of the caffeine coursing its way through my body. Is that weird? Probably. But I don't mind. I feel more productive when I stay up for an excessive amount of hours, even if I'm doing nothing. I like my coffee strong, very strong in fact. I also put some heavy doses of sugar in my coffee. That can't be good, but I don't mind. My mind is active and alert when filled with the never-ending rush of caffeine. I love it.

Besides my coffee addiction and my relaxing Saturday, I was thinking about opening up my own paid domain. Somewhere where I could post all of my blogs and videos. I'm not really sure though, since it seems like a bunch of work compared to just posting on here. I'll put more thought into it before I make up my mind.

While I'm typing this, I'm actually downloading a bunch of programs that I lost due to me reformatting my computer. I had to reformat because while I was away at my girlfriend's house, my little brother sneaked into my room and browsed the internet on my computer. Due to my luck, he obtained a nasty virus. I wasn't that enraged because I've been wanting to reformat the hard drive for a while now. I guess that just gave me a reason to do it. The only part I hate about reformatting is downloading all of the necessary programs that you lost. Takes forever!

Anyway, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my Saturday, drink some green tea, and kick back to some action movies. I encourage all of you reading this to do the same. What else is there to do on a Saturday?

Life changes when extremes occur

Hi, my names Edward and this is something I've always wanted to do during my free time. I guess I've always wanted to blog but never really got into it. Anyway, I will post at least once a day, if not more, for myself or anyone who finds pleasure in reading about my life, thoughts, and activities.

My Grandparents
My grandmother is in ICU under critical condition, and its been really hard to cope with all these emotional feelings I've been experiencing. Shes not even that old; mid-60's if I had to guess. I guess it might be a little harder for me since I've lived in the same house as her my whole life. It depresses me knowing the people I love won't be around forever. It scares me not knowing what is waiting for me when my time comes, if there is anything. I don't believe in God or any higher power, but this tragic event sure as hell made me think more about it. I also thought about something that I never pondered about before: my death. The time when I become old and sick, and have to cast myself away from everything and everyone that I've had feelings for in my lifetime. I've wondered about who would take the time to come to my funeral and who would cry at it. What would people drop into my grave, if anything. My grandmother's ending life opened my eyes and created an altered mindset for me. I guess everyone goes through this at one point in their life. I guess there comes a time where you have to accept that nothing lasts forever in this mortal world. People have expiration dates just like the cream I put in my coffee.

Memories flow through my mind every waking minute nowadays. Memories of when I was a kid. How my grandmother used to walk me around the block everyday or how she let me eat my favorite homemade soup in the living room so I wouldn't miss ten seconds of my favorite cartoon. Those were the days. The days I didn't realize that this wouldn't last forever. I was taking those times for granted, not knowing that one day, she won't be there, cooking my favorite dish in the kitchen while I ran up and down the hallway. I already miss her.

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