July 2011

Mindless Drones

Sorry for the huge delays in between this post and my last. I've been busy trying to find a job and finalize university entrance. But onto better, more exciting news; I'm back! I'll be posting everyday like the good ole' days. Anyway, lets get on with the show!

The gateway to being a drone.
Working in an office must be tough. Sitting at a desk, being stationary, barely moving your legs. Terrible. I did it for eight hours today. I was offered a part-time job going through paperwork and undoing paperclips and rubber bands for the sole purpose of the shredder not breaking down. I was a mindless drone. I was dozing off in space, not even realizing that my body was continuing to complete the mind-numbing task in front of me. Don't get me wrong, the job is insanely easy and it pays well compared to the past jobs I've had, but it's difficult to focus. I find myself zoning off, thinking about anything unrelated to the job. Well, until I find a better job that doesn't bore me to death, I guess I'll just have to practice my endurance! :)

Have fun everyone and happy blogging!

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