February 2012

Cutting Guide

This is my guide on how to cut body fat and achieve a more aesthetic body.

You must count calories.
Daily Calories on rest days: Body weight in pounds   x   10
Daily Calories on workout days: Body weight in pounds   x   12
Amount of protein daily: 1gram per body weight. (EX. If you weigh 240 pounds. You should be consuming 240 grams of protein a day.)

ABA - BAB (Make sure to rest a day in between each workout to give your muscles enough time to recuperate)

A Workouts:
Bench Press 3x5
Squats 3x5
Yates Row 3x5

B Workouts:
Deadlifts 3x5
Weighted Chin-ups 3x5
Shoulder Press 3x5

Light weights and higher reps to get "toned" or lose body fat is bullshit. YOU MUST BE LIFTING HEAVY.

If you're eating at a calorie deficit and you're not losing weight, either you're not counting your calories correctly or you should lower you're calorie cap. I am NOT a fan of cardio, even though it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are a heavy person, I do not recommend jogging. You will put way too much pressure on your joints and you can injure yourself in the long run. Swimming is a great way to burn calories. Remember, cardio is not necessary for one to lose weight. 

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