October 2011

Funny or not?

What's happening everyone? I am about to start recording videos for the video section of this website, but I need your help. What would you rather watch comedy-wise? Someone going around big cities and trying to pick up some American singles? Listen in on some prank calls made by my ATT prepaid wireless cell phone? Or have me interview individuals in big towns about a certain subject while subliminally insulting them? Please let me know so I can get this show on the road!

Worth it?

Some random rooster in the Bronx Zoo
Due to the influx of traffic to the site, I figured I would give it a little makeover. The template has been changed and it's taking a while to get all of the code correct. The work is under progress, but it probably won't take long seeing as how much I work on this thing. I'm not sure what you guys think, but I hate now having proper ownership of this website. I was pondering whether or not to buy a cheap domain for myself to host this website on. I have been talking to a couple of friends and they suggested to use a Yahoo domain because it was cheap and did the job. Perhaps I could use the Google AdSense money to help support the cost of the domain. Basically, the site would fund itself! Give your suggestions and feedback in the comments.

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