August 2011

Nocturnal Thoughts

Abstract is the best word that comes to my thinking capsule when I attempt to describe myself. As you readers know, I love coffee. Not only because I like the after-taste, but because it helps me stay awake when I don't feel like sleeping. Unlike most people, I don't like to sleep very often. It's a waste. Pointless. I'd rather experience something new and thrilling. That's probably why I have so many interests, such as photography, writing, anatomy, computer engineering, etc. I stay awake too long and get myself engaged into many different types of things. I'm not complaining, though. It's helped me complete my identity.

Restless. That's another good one that describes me. I can't sit still and not do anything. My brain needs to be exercised on some task at hand, even if it is somewhat easy. That's where creativity comes in. Perhaps I'll try to make the task at hand harder, by seeing what I can add to it.

Anyway, it's Tuesday and I have some things to do. Thanks for reading!

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